I’m going around the World!

A follow-up on my previous blog post, I made some plans for the future. It involves a lot of traveling in different countries! I decided to stay a week longer despite I’m getting really tired of this. It’s a mental struggle right now but the idea of traveling again keeps me going, 3 more weeks to go and I’ll be on a big adventure again! Keep reading if you want to know where I’ll be next month and thereafter, I’m going all around the world!

Whats happening on board?

It’s mostly the same old here, working everyday (already more than 100 days in a row). Business is going well with the ideas I implemented but the daily struggle is real. I haven’t been on earth for over 40 days now, there is the constant sound of the sea and rocking of the ship. This all gets a bit though but soon I’ll be traveling again and it will be all forgotten! Also, I started an addiction for chocolate. Olivera, my colleague, and I are keeping each other going with humor and compassion.

I’m working on a video about how my day looks like on the ship here, what I actually do. Most of it is filmed but I need to edit it. A day in the life of Milan on board Baltic Princess is coming soon.

Future plans

In I got Promotion! I talked about the different future plans I have. Those plans got more shape, if everything goes alright, what probably is not going to happen, I’ll be visiting more then 7 countries in November and December! And much more after that.

First of all

I decided to travel to Lapland. Lapland is the north of Finland and the city where I want to go, Rovaniemi, is on the edge of the arctic circle! Also, it is the city of Santa Claus, I don’t know if he will be there or not in November.
The plan is to hitchhike there from Turku, about 950km so hopefully, I can do that in a day like I did in France before once. When I get there I just want to be in nature for a few days and get some rest to enjoy being somewhere else than on a ship.
I also contacted different companies to work together in exchange for accommodation and/or activities. I can take pictures for them or make a video and I can save money on hostels or cool things to do. A win-win, I get more experience working with companies for marketing and I don’t have to spend money on all the cool things I want to do! So far I had one response but I’m going to early, if I would go later in January or February we could have worked together.

If working together doesn’t work out yet I’m still going to enjoy my time there. I’m planning to make some great pictures and videos of the region.
All of this is the kind of things I want to do, collaborate with people while traveling.

Next up

After the arctic circle I’ll go back to Helsinki to visit some friends I met before on my other ships and I also have to film more so I can finish my video about Helsinki. I don’t really know how long I’ll be there, depends on accommodation and things to do because Helsinki will be expensive and as far as I know I’m not rich (yet).

As I told before I want to take the train to St Petersburg from there so I can tick off Russia from the list. One day I want to take the Trans Siberian train from East Russia to China, but that’s for later. I’ll spend some time in St Petersburg, maybe make a video and probably take some pictures.

From there I can go to Tallin in Estonia and take a ship to Stockholm or I can go back to Helsinki, also take a ship back to Stockholm but this ship will be Mariella so I can see my previous colleagues and friends on board.
In Stockholm, I also want to film a few days to finish that video. I did not have any night time in Stockholm or Helsinki yet.

That will be my Scandinavian adventure for then and I can fly back home, only to be there for a short time.

Time to reunite!

The reason I won’t be staying home for a long time is that I want to visit the friends a made before on previous adventures! These plans and dates are not certain yet because the friends I want to visit don’t know their own plans yet. Another reason I won’t be staying home for a long time is that I don’t have my place and staying with mom will only be fun for a while until I want to adventure again.


The plan so far: Leave early December to Sheffield to meet Katie and get a new tattoo, my third one. Remember Katie? That crazy magician and awesome girl I met on my first ship? She is also a tattoo artist, so I hope we can match schedules. Besides that, I’m always up for a good English pub night!

I started Illustrating!


Next stop would be Madrid to say hello to Jaime, the other magician I met on that ship. Maybe we can work together on a video, he is a filmmaker too. His work is incredible! Go check out his Youtube Channel!
Again I could make a video of Madrid, I already have some pictures from last year in September.


Last but not least for this trip would be Berlin, time to visit my old NZ friends! Cornelia, Magali, Henning, Julia, Mo, … Let’s drink some German Gluwein!
Cornelia came for a visit in Belgium last time so it’s my turn now. This time not so many pictures or videos, at least no professional ones, maybe some late night pictures.
Back home after that for an unknown time.

So that are 4 flights around Europe in like 3 weeks and that all together for only 80 euro if I would book now and choose the right days. How crazy is that?

That’s not all!

If you think that are all my plans, you are wrong. When I come home before the holidays It is scouts weekend, I have to spend some time with my Belgian friends if I’m still welcome.
This year I won’t spend Christmas on the beach or swimming in the sea. Hopefully, I can spend it with mom and have our traditional Christmas fondue (traditional in the way we do it every year).
After the holidays and being sober after New Years I’ll have to plan more. Any ideas to go to or to work for?

An original plan to do in January was to go snowboarding in Romania with my colleagues from my first ship, Mihai, and Cristina. They live in the mountains and the ski field is only 20 minutes away from their door. They updated me that their new contract runs until the beginning of February, what overlaps a bit with my next plans.

Some old friends from university contacted me to ask if I would come on this ski trip with my old student organization. I’ve gone snowboarding 2 times before with them and it was so much fun! Two downsides, one it’s expensive (hypocrite for someone who spends all his money on traveling Why I spend my money on travel, not things) and second, it’s also early February.
Again it would be seeing my old friends and the last times we had so much fun! Snowboarding and partying every day for a week!

Down under again

As mentioned before in other posts I’m going back to New Zealand for the wedding of my brother. The wedding itself is the 25th of February but I would like to be there earlier, to get over my jet lag but also to travel a bit in NZ. A few friends of my brother are planning to come too and I want to travel with them. February is also a good month to see NZ, although it’s touristy it’s the end of the school vacation and it’s still nice and warm.
I hope I can stay in NZ for a few months, maximum 3 months because of my tourist visa, but in the meanwhile, I’m there I like to visit all the friends I made before. And like I’m doing now, I can contact companies to work together in exchange for cool activities or accommodation. Better would be to get paid of course. I’ll need some extra money if I want to do all the cool stuff like skydiving, bungee jumping, diving, rafting, jetboat, …

I don’t want to book a return flight back to Belgium after that but I need to book an exit flight from NZ if I want to come, again because of the tourist visa. So, I can book a flight to Australia to meet the people I’ve met on other adventures before. If I want to stay cheap I could go to Bali, Thailand or Vietnam.
This is still far into the future, for someone who lives day by day.


If you are still reading this you must be thinking wauw that sounds great or something like wauw, that guy is a dreamer.
This is the kind of lifestyle I want to go far. Travel while capturing the things with my camera and sharing those experiences. If I can make money doing so that’s ideal and I can keep doing this.
I know this is not easy and the safe way but I need to go out of my comfort zone to get there. While I’m writing this I already received 3 emails with a response about working together.

I’ll keep you up to date with what actually happens. If there is more to tell about I’ll be posting more frequently, you’ll see more pictures and videos on all my social media. If you want to follow that, links are at the bottom of this page.

If you want to meet and you can’t afford yourself to come to me, let me know where you are and maybe you’ll be on my schedule soon!

Thanks for reading, any questions leave me a message in any way. Give this website a follow by subscribing on the bottom or in the sidebar at the top!


I love you guys!


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