I got Promotion!

Something really exciting happened! I’ve moved ships again and this time I got promoted, I’m a manager now, a big step for me! So a new ship, a new colleague, more responsibilities, a new adventure! I’m also explaining my future plans because this is my last month of work!

Baltic Princess

My new ship is the sister ship of Galaxy, my previous one. It’s exactly the same only a different color. The first 2 days I was just showed around because as a manager there is more to know than just taking and selling pictures. Mitra and Marija (the previous photography crew) are nice people and they made it easy for me and Olivera to get used to it. Now a few days in, things are going great, we are selling well with the ideas I had.

Getting those professional Shots

Before I left Galaxy I did some photo shoots with the singer Therese of the show and one of the dancers Marilin. We did studio photos and we also experimented with some light and reflection. I’m really happy with the results. The reflection pictures were inspired by Brandon Woefel, a big Instagrammer, and successful photographer.

Like they say practice makes perfect, there is still a lot of work to get better but the results I have now give me some motivation to keep going.

I’ll make a blog post about the before and after of the pictures I did.

I’m also experimenting with text overlays on photos. I was looking for a fond that I can use and that will be recognized one day as my fond. For example, you have Sam Kolder with his, Tayler Cut Films, Brandon Woelfel, … They all have their signature fond. Let me know what you think of mine.

Again inspired by other artists I want to make cover photos and background pictures for myself and people. Using this text, taking the right pictures, … I’ve re-edited a few of my old pictures of Ireland and New Zealand. Maybe I can make another post with my pictures from when I started with photography and when I used other software, so you can see my progress.

Check out those re-edited pictures on my Facebook and Instagram!


Looking in the future

I’ve done 3 months on ships already and I have 1 more to go, so the end of this first contract is getting closer (29th of October). What will I do after that? I have a few plans, one of them is a safe option but not necessarily the one I like most. Of course, there is an ideal plan, maybe more like a dream.

Safe plan

After this contract, I would have a few weeks to a month off but then they want me back on one of the Scandinavian ferries here until February, until I have to go to New Zealand for the wedding. After the wedding, I come back and they want me to give an 8 month contract to work on a cruise ship.
This all sounds really good and this means I have a job for the next years if I like to do this. To be honest, coming back to Scandinavia in the winter is not really attractive. One, it’s really cold. Two, there are not a lot of passengers so work will be boring and I will get less money because I work on 100% commission.
The 8 month contract now seems really long and it would be awesome of course to travel the Caribbean, South America or the Mediterranean. But I want to travel more on my own with my own freedom.

Around the world

An alternative for the 8 month contract would be a 4 month world cruise. This is a cruise that goes around the world in 120 days, visiting more than 20 countries on 5 continents. From Europe to South America to North America, from there to Australia and Indonesia, traveling further to Dubai and back to Europe. It would be really cool to do but then my problem would be that I’ll be doing the same job for a long time. I’m someone who needs change and maybe the constant traveling would be enough change for me to do the same job. This is just a thought because if I want to do this I need to change companies.


Ideal plan

It’s always been my dream to go freelancing. Traveler around, take pictures, make videos and just having the ultimate adventure. I would like to work on projects for companies or put my videos on Youtube and make money doing that. I need 10000 views on all my videos to start making money, so far I have a little more than 2000, so if you want go check it out on my channel!
Ideally, I want to work online, I want to create where ever I am for whoever wants. This gives me the freedom to visit all the places I want. I can also stay in Belgium for a while if I want or go road tripping in Australia. I know this is not going to happen in the near future but I’m working on it!

This month now I’m going to figure out what I can do, I met a lot of people the last months, maybe they know people who can use my services. 
If you know something I can do, let me know!

Check out my new post about Why I spend my money on travel, not things to understand why I like it so much.


Good plan

A plan what I would really like is that I would start shooting videos on different ships. As you know or don’t know, I shot this promo video for my previous ship with the intention to increase the sales of pictures or selling the video on its own to passengers, like I told in Things are going well!. It’s not the best circumstances to test this, it’s offseason and not immediately the right ship.
But if this would work out one day and if Ocean Images, my company want me to start making more videos for different ships then it would be a plan for the future. I would be making videos of the ships and destinations, what I really want to do, I would be traveling a lot more, what I always want to do!

The plan (so far)

So as you know I finish my contract the 29th of October. Because I’ve been at sea for 4 months by then I want to travel a bit before I do something else. The idea is to explore Finland a little bit and I also want to take the train from Helsinki to St Petersburg, Russia. It’s only a 3 hour drive for 30 euros and then I can say I’ve been in Russia! At first, I was going to travel with someone I met on my first ship but our schedules don’t match so it’s going to be alone or whoever wants to join me. It probably won’t take long and I’ll go back home for a few weeks. I can try to find like a photography, videography job back home for a while, like a freelancing thing or start traveling again. I suppose to meet my colleagues from Mariella, my first ship, in Romania in January to go skiing. After that, it’s already time for New Zealand. And what after New Zealand? That 8 month contract or just keep traveling?

In June I would go to Bulgaria to meet Tiho, the pianist of Mariella I met in August. He offered me to come take pictures and make videos of his new sailing ship by then. He wants to start offering sailing trips to people for a few days but he needs marketing material to advertise. This is the kind of stuff I want to do. I did this already before in New Zealand for a sailing trip and that was a big success!

Alternative plan

Because traveling costs money and I’m not making any money online yet I’m going to run out of money really quick. I could work for an extra month or two here on the ship, I earn better now as a manager. First, it was hard to work so long without freedom with only a little bit of money to earn but now I make 50% more so it’s more motivating. If I work for an extra month or two I would have the money to travel a few months. When I book my flight ticket for New Zealand soon I have to book a flight ticket out of the country because I’m only on a 3 month tourist visa. I don’t want to book a return flight to Belgium so any suggestions? Maybe Fiji, Bali, Australia, Thailand?

Like you see I have so many ideas/plans of what I want to do. Why don’t I go for the ideal plan? I’m working on it, it takes time to get there. Money is always the issue…

I’ll keep you up to date with what the plan will be, just scroll down and subscribe for an email alert so you know when I write more.

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