Things are going Well!

A few weeks into my new contract a lot happened already. Things that are pretty exciting! Made some new friends and had my first parties on this ship. I’m trying a lot of new things and I’m improving in video and photo!

The everyday struggle

The charm of the new environment and job faded a little bit during the really quiet days. During the week here you can count the costumers on one or two hands. The weekends are pretty good, it’s more exciting to sell, time goes faster and you feel useful. The weekdays for me are days to work on my own things like new pictures or videos. I’m trying new kind of pictures, trying new styles of editing and I get really sucked into it. I started doing self portraits because most of the time I’m just on my own anyway.

My big project!

I told you in my previous post that I had a video project to work on. The video was basically a promo video for the ship for the costumers.  Well, I finished it and I showed it to my boss and the owner of my company. They were really happy with the video and to be honest I’m also pleased with it. It’s far from perfect but you can see that it looks like a promo video. I made a 1 minute long version that you can post on Instagram and a full 2 minute version. Now we have to see if we can use this video to sell more pictures by giving the video away if the people buy more pictures. They can buy the video on its own too. If this works out and we can make more money with a video like this we can start thinking about more videos on other ships around the world. Something I really would like to do but I have to stay with my feet on the ground. For the future, these are the kind things I want to do, work together with companies, create marketing content for them. Having projects all around the world.

I’m getting famous!

Now with this website I also wanted to grow my other social media. I decided to invest more time in my Instagram, commenting on peoples pictures, liking more, posting more, … It paid off. I got 100 new followers in a week. Before that, I only had 200 new followers in a year! For me this is a huge thing as a photographer!

I got in contact with a Facebook page about Nelson and Abel Tasman region in New Zealand, the region where I lived for a few months. I saw a video of the national park and I asked if they wanted to take a look at one of my videos. They liked it and shared it on their page, the video has more than 9000 views on their page and about 250 on my Youtube channel. A huge thing as a videographer! More videos of New Zealand you can watch on my Youtube channel.

The promo video for Galaxy has almost 1000 views on my Facebook after a lot of people started sharing it! This also got me a few more likes and that means almost 400 for my Facebook page!

Dance Factory, the company where the dance crew works for, contacted me because I took some pictures of their show before. They were really happy with it and asked if they could use one for advertising.
Therese, the singer in the show, she told me later that I should ask money for it next time, it is a big company and they can afford it. So, am I getting good enough to ask money for things like this?
I took pictures for Therese, like a real photoshoot and she asked how much I wanted for this. I said that she can choose how much she wants to give, it feels weird to ask money of friends for that. On the other hand, it is what a real photographer does. Doing photoshoots where he get’s paid for.

More friends!

It took a while before I had my first party again. I started to talk more with the dance crew and they invited me to come drink some beers in the sauna. It was a really long time ago that I’ve been in a sauna and normally I don’t like the heath but with a beer and some good company it was nice.
On my previous ship, the rules about drinking on the ship weren’t that strict than they are here. Here it’s not allowed to drink in public areas. I knew the actual ship crew was not allowed but apparently, here it is for every crew member. So we had a cabin party with some of the dance crew and a band that was on their way to our sistership Baltic princess. Basically just drinking some beers, talking and laughing. Better than just watching a movie in my cabin all alone.


Last week, September 12th, my brother Elwin and his fiance Ash come to visit me. They were in Belgium and they wanted to see me so they booked a flight ticket and a one-day cruise on Galaxy. It was only 3 and a half month since I saw them. Before that, it was half a year and before that 2 years, so 3 months is nothing, we got used to it. I added on my bucket list to see them at least every year, what should be no problem. Anyway, it was really nice to see them again. They have never been on a cruise so also for them a nice holiday treat. I took them to the dance show and the band, we had a few beers and baileys. It’s so nice to catch up again, and it was like we just saw each other the week before. Elwin and I motivate each other in everything we do and want to do, we’re like a coach for each other. Only 24h after they came they left again and the next time we see each other will be in New Zealand in February.

On the good track

So things are going well, I’m growing in what I’m doing pretty fast with the mentality ‘do something that makes you better every day’. Like I said in my previous post, I’m doing two jobs. First, the job that I suppose to do and second the job that hopefully will pay off in the long run.
Involving my actual job, I got some exciting news but I’m going to wait to tell you until I’m sure it’s actually happening! If it will happen, I’ll be a happy man!

I started with tutorials for photo and video, it’s more my experiences and tips on certain subjects. The first one I made How to make a timelapse you can read now, let me know what you think!

Now I have a question for you. I installed a donate button on the bottom of this website and I want to ask you if you want to contribute. If you like what I’m doing and if you want to see more of my videos and photos this will help me out. I can start buying new equipment for even better quality videos and photos, I can start traveling and show you the world through my lens. This is a lot to ask for but of course, it’s a free thing to do but it means a lot to me! Also, subscribe for email reminders down below for when I post something.

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. I know I’m not doing the most exciting thing on this ship but I’m trying to create content that is interesting and I just want to share my experiences.

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