A New Beginning!

Hello, Welcome!

Welcome to my first post on this website! If you are new to all of this I would recommend to browse through the website to get to know me. I you want to now what I did for the past year, you can read more in my previous BLOG.

For the ones who have been with me for a while, I’m just gonna tell further from the last blogpost I wrote.

New Ship!

After spending 2 months on the M/S Mariella of Viking Line I got on a new ship, the Galaxy of Silja Line. This one goes between Stockholm, Sweden and Turku, Finland. But there is a big difference, I can’t get of this ship for 2 months, I’m always onboard. A lot of things are different and to be honest, most of it is in a good way.

Last few days on Mariella

Like I told you in My Last Post? I was finishing my last days on the ship with some good times with my friends. Specially the last few nights were awesome, we partied the whole week. A lot of dancing and a enough alcohol. This was together with Tiho the pianist, Jaime the magician, the band and everyone who wanted to join our partysquad.
I only had the news that I was changing ships 4 days before and I did not have enough footage for a Stockholm or Helsinki video, those next days I went around the cities to shoot as much as possible. For Helsinki I even went out of the city centre, Elin (kids entertainer) and her roommate showed me around.

My overall thoughts of my first two months as a professional photographer on a cruise ferry are pretty good, I learned a lot and eventually I had a good time. July was way different than August, almost opposite socially seen. In July I was working out everyday after work and then to bed. I had a few good nights with the other crew and of course fun days when we were out in the city. August was more a party month, 2-3 nights a week was just partying and drinking with Tiho and eventually with Jaime too. If somebody would have told me that I would be doing things like this with a 37 year old Bulgarian and a 30 something year old Spaniard, I wouldn’t believed them. Although, the kind of situations I end up in…

One Day Off?

My last day, Saturday the 26th of August Jaime, Alexandra and I went to Gruna Lund, the oldest amusement park in Sweden. It’s right in the middle next to the city centre, tiny but awesome! It was a really nice day, I just got paid so I could spend 50 euros for a good day. I lived on 200 euros for 2 months. It was one of the better amusement parks I’ve been to so far, so much fun on such a small place! I was getting on my new ship that evening and I thought I did not have to work, what would be nice, one day of in 2 months. But unfortunate no, when I came on the ship I had to work right away… And what a difference! The embarkation was only 15 minutes instead of 2h and 45 minutes as I was used too. I made a video of the embarkation in Helsinki of Mariella.

First days on Galaxy

Of course there was a lot to get used to again. A whole new ship to discover, a new job but kind of the same obviously. The ship is newer and has more to offer, more shops, bigger club, more restaurants, better food for crew, … I’m now Manager-assistant, only because it’s just the 2 of us but it means that I have to do more, more responsibilities. I do the same as the manager, only he does more paper work. The job is the same that we take pictures at the embarkation but now it goes faster and our set up to take pictures is more basic. Also now I have to edit and sell the pictures, what I like. I always wanted to learn more about sales, my brother knows how to do this. All these new things made me excited although I had a stupid cold. This travels different too, we leave in Stockholm in the evening and early in the morning we arrive in Turku, Finland to leave again for Stockholm. So we do a up and down trip in 23h. Also an important not: we both are only 22 years old, my colleague Benjamin he is the manager and this is also his first contract and he was here one month before me on this ship. So far we are doing really well!

A typical day on galaxy

I can put this in two different scenarios, we work in shifts during the day so we at least have a half day to do something. There is also a difference between week days and weekend days but basically it comes to this.

If I have to do the embarkation in the morning, I get up at 6:30 am and set up at 6:45 am, the people come at 7am. At 7:05 am This embarkation is already over and I took 30-50 pictures. I go eat breakfast and t 7:30-7:40  am I start editing the pictures to open the gallery at 8 am. I work alone until 12 am and 12:30 in the weekends. I keep open the gallery, try to get people in the studio for more pictures, … This is at least what happens during the weekends when it’s busy, when there is 1000+ people onboard during the day. During the week days when there is only 300-400 people you only sell a handful of pictures during your shift. Depending on how many people and the mood we take a few pictures of the people who get on in Mariehamn, an island between Sweden and Finland. From then I have time for myself until 6:40 pm to do our main embarkation in Stockholm.

If I have the afternoon shift I do the same what I do in the morning, try to sell and take pictures.

At the embarkation in Stockholm we work together, one takes portrait pictures, the other one takes gate pictures, we print these smaller. After the embarkation one of us edits the pictures and we open the gallery at 8 pm. And again we do the same what we do all day but now we are together and sometimes we go around the ship to take some pictures if there is no one around. We close at 11pm.

Free Time
During my free time now I have to be more creative, normally I was able to get of and explore the city, go for a good coffer or get some sushi. Now I’m stuck on the same ship every day. So far I kept myself busy with editing a lot of pictures I took before of the Mariella crew and I also took some of the dance crew here on board, that was different kind of pictures then I’m used to.
I still have a lot of footage of Stockholm and Helsinki where I can work on and I remember now that I have a lot of footage of my sailing trip in New Zealand, but that was before I new how to edit, maybe one day I can make that video. Also working on this website takes a lot of time for the last few weeks.

Besides being creative I started working out again now I’m not partying at the moment. I still have to work on the eating healthy part, what is actually the most important part of getting in shape.

As you can see on the top picture I really started experimenting with photoshop and different kinds of photography. This clone picture is the first one I really made, I have a test one of me in my cabin. I probably do a lot more of these . An other thing I’m going to do or what at least is an idea, is taking artistic pictures of myself.

Here is the thought: I used to take pictures while traveling of these incredible landscapes and cities but now that’s not really possible. Ok, I have some nice pictures from the top of the ship when I go through the archipelago but that’s gonna end soon. I want to keep my Instagram account going, not lose followers but grow them. lately when I post pictures, I get less likes then I used to get in New Zealand. Then I figured out that I want my Instagram more to be like a travel blog with pictures then only nice photography, of course I’m still gonna keep doing that but I noticed that big Instagrams are really good photographers who focus on one thing or traveling people who took cool pictures of them self. So I’m gonna try to do some cool, funny, nice stuff with my self as long as I’m stuck here. Maybe this works out, maybe not. This was the thought.

A Big Thing

Now the last and maybe the biggest thing I’m working on is a video of the ship. On Mariella my supervisor of all the ferries visited us for a check and just before he left we got to talk about my videos and about the things I do. Later he contacted me and told me he really liked my videos and work so he was coming to visit on Galaxy the Monday after I arrived to talk. Of course also to check how we are doing.

When he came we talked and basically he wants me to make this one minute video of the ship, a kind of promo, memory, teaser. Why is this a big thing for me and maybe for the company?
For me: This is like a project for a client, somebody wants me to make a video for them instead of me making a video for myself. I want to work for myself in the future, work on projects like this for clients and travel the world doing so.
For the company: For example on the cruise ships they also have videographer who makes an hour and a half long video and puts it on a DVD to sell to the costumers. This can be a video of the ship, of them being on the ship or of the destination they go to. This is an old fashion way, people now do everything online, even older pensioned people use Facebook. So my supervisor came with this idea to make a minute long video that you can post on Instagram or Facebook to show to your friends and family where you have been. If people tell you I have been on this ship travelling there and there it’s hard for them to explain how everything is. My friends don’t know how this life is.
Now if this works out we can start thinking about going to all these destinations and ships and make short videos of the destinations and ships. That’s of course an ideal thought.

An other important note, the owner of the company I work for is coming to watch this video I make. That’s a lot of pressure, but I have time until the 18th of September.

Overall Good

So overall it’s an exciting time. Although it can be really boring during work because it’s after summer time I can do a lot for myself, work on projects and improve in a lot. These things hopefully will pay of one day, I’m actually working two jobs, one that is going to be the job I always wanted to do, the job of an entrepreneur, a creator, one that makes money traveling and doing the things I love.

We’ll talk later, when I’ve been on this ship for a few more weeks if I didn’t get crazy yet, but I think I can manage myself pretty well.

Thank you for reading my first blog post on this new website!
You are always welcome to send me message to ask me anything or to have a good chat, give me tips and advice. If there is anything you would like to see on this website or are you curious what more I’m doing, just reach out to me on my Facebook, Instagram, mail, or in any other way you can catch me!



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